The world is quickly changing and 12Pietre wants to keep up with the times by offering to its customers the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin too. Thanks to this payment system the time between order and delivery of products are reduced and the bank intermediaries are eliminated.

The new line of Wood4Bitcoin products, specifically designed for the bitcoiners community, is beginning to be realized with standard products and on special request.

Spread the Bitcoin economy, give to a friend one of our cute owls (I told you ), or if he already has an activity that accepts bitcoins ask us for a customized piece . We gladly add a link on our website to promote his activity.


 98 - Portachiavi a parete [20x15]

Requested made-to-measure  for a well-known and relaxing B&B in the regional park of the Vena del gesso Romagnola (Casola Valsenio, RA). The B&B also offers an incredible library of travels and a climbing wall.



It’s on process of producing a series of wooden customized keychains; choose among those available or demand an inscription with fire of your choice.


99- Wooden Keychain 




100 - Multilayer wood keychain  



200 - Miner owl  



201- Owl Trader  



202-Owl Investor  


203- Owl Scammer  


Soon new Bitcoin Owls...





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